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  • New player looking to join

    A little bit about you: I am just getting back into PC gaming after a long hiatus from having a kid. As he is getting a bit older now I am finding more time to play. I have found that a lot of the games rely heavily on having other people to play with. So I am looking for a group of mostly casual players. I am also new to battlegrounds and that type of battle royal game. Excited to play it with some people who can coordinate.


    Ingame name: BulletsnBombs

    Steam ID:stalin4

    What country you are from: Canada

    Your Age: 29

    What games you currently play: Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, Ghost Recon Wildlands, CS:GO.

    Why you want to join the Splat Community?: Looking for a group of like minded people. Also people who will not scream into their headsets.

    Do you have Mumble installed and have a good quality mic ? I have not had any complaints yet. I will download it soon.

    Members that you know(if any):None

    How you found us: Googled "mature battlegrounds clan". You were the top hit. I read through a few more but none appealed to me.

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    Welcome to the forums dude, visit us on discord and lets have a few games